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Appraisers and Vendors

What is the cost?

ValuePad is free for the appraiser. The only cost incurred is for any standard technology fees that you might already be paying.

How does ValuePad make me more efficient?

ValuePad provides you a single platform to retrieve new assignments, provide your status client updates and manage your profile and credentials. You no longer have to login and learn a dozen different platforms. In addition, ValuePad provides amazing features such as scheduling features and automatic client updates, and analytics to provide you feedback your service. It also provides maximum convenience by making the platform accessible on your desktop, web, and mobile phone.

Can I utilize ValuePad for all of my clients?

Yes, ValuePad is a newly released platform that is gaining traction quickly. The purpose of it is to improve your efficiency but if orders aren’t assigned through it, it’s unable to perform its job. As a result we built ValuePad as a completely open platform making it accessible to all of your current and potential clients. This includes Lenders, Bank, Credit Unions, AMC’s, and any other company interested in submitting an assignment to you. We have created an API that makes it very simple for them to integrate and connect to our platform.

Can I use ValuePad to store and archive my assignments and reports?

Yes, ValuePad will automatically store and archive your assignments and completed reports indefinitely unless you terminate your account. You can use ValuePad as another source of backup.

Who has access to my entire profile?

ValuePad has an invitation system to provide you full control of who has access to your complete profile. You have the ability to Accept or Decline invitations to join new client panels. Your profile information will only be accessible to clients whom you’ve give permission to access your profile.

Will all companies connected to ValuePad be able to assign me orders?

Yes, another great feature is that any company connected to ValuePad will be able to find your profile based on your coverage area and services indicated in your profile. This provides you a great source of exposure for new potential clients.

Lenders, Banks, Credit Unions etc

What benefits and advantages does ValuePad provide Lenders?

ValuePad dramatically improves communication, turnaround time, and management of your appraiser panel. In addition, it provides you incredible features such assignment suggestion which checks the appraisers schedule upcoming inspections in close proximity to your subject property. GPS is also built into the platform so borrowers are notified in advance when the appraiser is in close proximity and a picture is provided so they can securely identify the appraiser inspecting their property.

So not only do Lenders gain additional features but by improving the appraisers process were improves the overall appraisal process?

Exactly! Currently, there is no platform on the market that focuses on improving the appraiser’s efficiency. Most systems are geared towards providing the lender with great features and functionality. ValuePad on the other hand focuses entirely on improving the appraiser’s process. As result the appraiser is able to schedule assignments, provide updates dramatically faster, easily maintain and update their profile/credentials including their License and E&O insurance. Overall this dramatically improves their communication and turn time.

Are there any other benefits ValuePad provides in addition to improving efficiency?

Yes, ValuePad acts as a source of backup for your existing platform. If you’re existing platform ever goes down or has technical issues ValuePad allows the appraiser to continuing working. It will queue up all updates and report uploads so that when your system is live again all data will sync into your platform.

I’m not sure I understand a lot of these features we already have built into our own proprietary system?

Yes, it is true that your system might have many similar and basic features such as providing appraisers the ability to accept assignments, update status, update their License and E&O. ValuePad doesn’t just offer these basic features but provides significant convienience and efficiency to the appraiser by providing them one system and a lot of automation. It is important to keep in mind appraisers work with dozens of different companies all of whom using differently technology with different requirements and different learning curves. This almost requires a full time job to manage and severely impacts the appraisers process.

Do I need to migrate our current panel of appraisers to ValuePad?

No, there is no data migration necessary. ValuePad is turnkey and works simultaneously with your current platform. Once you connect to ValuePad all you need to is assign an order via our API call and it will deliver the assignment directly to the appraiser via ValuePad.

What if we try ValuePad but don’t see any value how easy is it to disconnect?

We are confident ValuePad will provide significant value but if you ever decide to disconnect it’s as easy as flipping a switch.

How easy is it to connect to ValuePad?

Connecting to ValuePad is very simple. By using a few of the API calls we provide you can easily assign orders to new or existing appraisers on your panel.

All Users

Can I request new features?

Absolutley! As a matter of fact we encourage both appraisers and lenders to request new features. We have have added a “new feature request” button within the system to conveniently request features.

How about Security?

ValuePad has been built with security as one of the top priorities. The platform is housed in an SSAE16 certified environment, all sensitive data is encrypted and payment processing is PCI compliant.