Appraiser Features

ValuePad dramatically improves an appraiser’s efficiency. For example, the need to log into multiple sites to view orders from different clients is eliminated. The appraiser can view Inspection, Due, and Late status’ on a calendar that syncs with their Google account. And with iOS and Android apps, appraisers have a whole new way to communicate with their clients and provide top notch customer service.

Receive and Respond

Receive and respond to all orders and messages in one central platform, without the need for email or phone calls.


A built-in calendar displays important dates, like Inspection Scheduled and Due dates.

One Profile

ValuePad consolidates the appraiser’s profile information for all clients, including fees, coverage area, credentials, and more.


Invitations to join a client’s panel, as well as join appraisal companies, are handled right within ValuePad.

Automatic Reminders

Reminders are displayed automatically when appraisers log into ValuePad, avoiding the need for more emails and calls.


COMING SOON! ValuePad Analytics gives you the full picture. From orders received, turn times, and other performance data, you’re armed with the information to provide the best possible service.

Inspection Scheduling

Built-in scheduling makes it easy to coordinate inspection times, and eliminates the need for phone tag.


View paid and unpaid orders in one easy-to-use view, so you always know what is owed.


Lenders and Management Companies

The benefits ValuePad offers appraisers, rolls upstream to improve the workflow for AMCs and Lenders too. Below are just some of the powerful features that make ValuePad an incredible benefit.

A Deep Bench

Choose from over 30,000 appraisers working through ValuePad, and create your own appraiser panels, all validated from the ASC.

Engagement Letter

When you attach engagement letters to orders, get notifications when they are viewed and accepted.

Real-Time Notifications

Appraisers receive all notifications on their desktop and mobile devices in real-time. Whether it’s a new order or a revision request, there’s no need to rely solely on email.

Find An Appraiser

Avoid assignment delays and always get the right appraiser for the job using our Appraiser Assignment tools.

Up-To-Date Credentials

ValuePad reminds appraisers when it’s time to update their credentials, saving time for your staff, and ensuring appraisers are eligible for assignments.

Instant Messaging

Whether it’s a question or a ROV request, the messaging system ensures appraisers receive your communication in real-time on their desktop and mobile device, allowing them to respond quickly, avoiding delays and the unreliability of email.


ValuePad’s API seamlessly integrates your proprietary or commercial platform.